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Energy clients benefit from Rutter & Roy’s unique perspective and years of experience navigating the local, state and federal approval processes. We began representing our first energy client in 1950 and are now widely thought of by various municipalities, counties and applicable state regulatory agencies to be a go-to firm for interstate natural gas pipeline projects. We are also well equipped to handle most types of energy projects, including electrical and renewable energy.

Rutter & Roy has a long history working with clients building interstate and intrastate pipelines, compressor stations and meter stations. Our legal team helps secure rights-of-way and energy corridors, with a full understanding of all the applicable state and federal laws and regulations. We also offer extensive experience with condemnation proceedings. Our attorneys routinely interact with state and local regulatory bodies including townships, counties, soil conservation districts and departments of transportation.



At Rutter & Roy, our team of environmental attorneys is well-versed on the complex regulations that impact New Jersey. With a long and impressive track record, we have established effective planning and streamlining strategies for navigating the state’s highly regulated environment to obtain the approvals, licenses and permits needed to complete projects while saving our clients time and resources.

We offer a deep understanding of local, state and federal environmental laws as well as proven success working through numerous and ever-changing regulatory scenarios. Our attorneys work closely with clients to identify risks, communicate options, resolve problems and offer practical solutions.


Building and maintaining the country’s critical infrastructure is never easy. It is particularly challenging when the properties crossed are preserved farmland or are encumbered with Green Acres restrictions, conservation easements or other environmental constraints. Rutter & Roy’s highly knowledgeable team expedites projects by identifying the various environmental and property rights issues along potential routes, and their corresponding regulatory schemes. We prepare very detailed timelines working backwards from the in-service date, determine which public processes are required by the applicable regulatory provisions, and then combine those public processes to the extent allowed by law.

Rutter & Roy’s attorneys understand the issues that arise when building infrastructure projects, including land use/zoning, regulatory processes, federal preemption and environmental law. As a strong litigator for clients, our team leverages its extensive knowledge of state and federal statutes to secure positive outcomes in the courtroom.